Resources for Parents: Coping with Change & Loss

Resources for Parents Coping with Change and Loss

There is the assumption that loss and grief mainly go hand and hand with death. But loss can have many different faces and we are allowed to grieve changes to our every day life.

The loss of routines, loss of jobs, loss of socialization is affecting us all at this time. Sheltering in place is the right thing for everyone at this time, but it is a big change for most of us. Children who attended school are feeling their routines being upended and it may cause them to feel more emotional. Parents, there are lots of resources out there for you and your children during this trying time!

This page linked below talks about grief in many different forms and offers ideas of how to deal with it. HelpGuide is a nonprofit mental health and wellness website. Their mission is to provide empowering, evidence-based information that you can use to help yourself and your loved ones.

Allow yourself some empathy and empathy for the people around you. This is a tough time for everyone. You may miss your routine and your own space if you are now working from home. 

Take time for yourself, self-care is important. These new routines maybe something that some people enjoy but others maybe going stir-crazy. Take the time to listen to your body and take breaks. Do something that you enjoy. Communicate with others around you and let them know that you are feeling a sense of loss and just need some time. This also is great to show children that it is okay to be feeling loss over their own routines, missing their friends, etc.

These two resources talk about the importance of self-care and helping your children deal with self-isolation and comes from the Zero to Three organization which shares the science of early development through helpful resources, practical for parents, professionals, and policymakers.

There are also many options out there also to keep you and your children busy when trying to establish new and modified routines.  Here are a few articles with information that may be helpful to you.

The resource Child Trends also has a lot of very valuable information for everyone during this time.

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We are highlighting some of the most valuable information we found in this resource below.

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This is a difficult time and we are all dealing with it in our own ways. Taking time to grieve our loss is okay. Your library family is here to help!

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